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It describes the demographic pattern of the Brazilian formal enterprises, particularly entry, exit and survival movements in the market, whose concepts conform to the EUROSTAT-OECD Manual on Business Demography Statistics, published in 2007.

The Demography of Enterprises study began in 2005, from the information of the IBGE´s Central Register of Enterprises - CEMPRE, then based on the National Classification of Economic Activities - CNAE 1.0. As of the reference year of 2008, a new methodology was implemented, due to the new criteria to select active enterprises in CEMPRE, use of CNAE 2.0 and conformance of a number of indicators with the international methodology. Up to 2015, their results were released in specific publications. Both studies were combined in the Demography of Enterprises and Statistics of Entrepreneurship publication as of the reference year of 2016, due to the similarity of the databases used in the Statistics of Entrepreneurship study and scope of the business entities, as well as the need to optimize the IBGE resources aiming at the development of other thematic analyses.

The Demography of Enterprises study provides values and entry, exit and survival rates of the enterprises in the market, according to the size and economic activity of the enterprises, as well as sex and schooling level of the salaried persons employed in these enterprises, by demographic event.

The study is annual and the geographic coverage, national, with results released for Brazil, Major Regions, Federation Units and Municipalities of the Capitals.

About the publication - 2015

This publication presents some aspects of the demographic dynamics of the formal business segment in Brazil, particularly in relation to companies and their entry, exit and survival in the market. It also assesses the number of high-growth enterprises, which are those that register an average increase of salaried employed persons equal to or greater than 20% a year, for a period of three years.

The study, based on information from the IBGE’s Central Registry of Enterprises – Cempre, is subdivided into three sections. The first one deals with entry, exit and survival rates, by size and type of economic activity of companies, and brings information on salaried employed persons, by sex and level of schooling, by type of demographic event, and assesses the regional results according to information from local branches, that is, the addresses of these companies. The second part presents a study of company survival in the period 2010 to 2015 and the mobility of surviving companies in 2015 in relation to 2014. Finally, the third part analyzes high-growth companies by size and economic activity, and their respective impact on the generation of formal salaried jobs.

The publication also brings considerations about methodological procedures used in the elaboration of the study and, at the end, a glossary with terms and concepts considered relevant to the understanding of results. There are also two annexes with a detailed structure of the National Classification of Economic Activities - CNAE 2.0 and the Table of Legal Nature 2014.

The results of Demography of Enterprises provide valuable contribution to governmental organizations and to civil society for the development and enhancement of other projects about the topic.

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    Up to the reference year of 2015, methodological considerations on the Demography of Enterprises can be obtained in the chapter Technical Notes in the publication of the results. As of 2016, this information is presented in the same chapter, in the Demography of Enterprises and Statistics of Entrepreneurship publication.

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    • Replacement of the Publication Demography of Enterprises 2013

      Published date: 25/09/2015 11:09

      Description: Inconsistencies were reported between the information in the analytical texts and in the estimates from the result tables and, as a result, incorrect figures were reviewed.

      Actions: Errata included in printed publication. Update note included in the page giving access to the file.