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2022 Census: Budget approved and collection starting in August

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With the 2022 Population Census Budget fully approved and sanctioned at the total cost of R$ 2,292,957,087.00, the IBGE informs that the survey collection will start on August 1st. Previously, it was scheduled to take place in June 1st, however, the date had to be postponed due to the change of the organizers of the Simplified Selective Process (PSS), in November 2021, for the hiring of 183,021 enumerators and 23,879 census agents.

PSS registrations, under the auspices of the Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), ended on Friday (January 21) with more than 1.1 million applicants registered. In order to have their registrations confirmed, applicants must pay the registration fee by February 16.

Census PSS (enumerator and census agent)
Last day to pay registration fee 02/16
Release of final number of applicants registered 03/16
Administration of multiple-choice exams 04/10
Release of final results 05/20

The selected enumerators will visit, between August and October, more than 70 million households, covering all the municipalities of the country. In uniforms, consisting of blue caps and vests printed with the IBGE logo, and wearing badges with a photo and ID number, the enumerator will use a blue Collection Mobile Device (DMC), similar to a smartphone, to record the answers. The ID number of IBGE enumerators can be checked on the or by calling the toll-free number 0800 721 8181.

To make sure both enumerators and residents are safe, IBGE teams will follow the health protocols against the Covid-19 pandemic, wearing masks, using alcohol gel to sanitize their hands and equipment and adopting social distancing.

In addition to household face-to-face interviews, answers can be given on the Internet or by phone. Those who choose the Internet mode can count on the Collection Support Center for doubts or access difficulties.

IBGE Board of Directors
January 25, 2022