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About the supplementation of the budget of 2022 Census

The IBGE informs that the Special Secretariat of Treasury and Budget authorized an amendment to PLOA-2022 establishing the total value of R$2,292,907,087.00 for the budget of the 2022 Population Census to be carried out by the IBGE.

In a letter to the Federal Attorney General´s Office (AGU), the Secretariat of Treasury informs that “it is possible” to improve the budget of the Census according to the IBGE´s clarification to the Federal Supreme Court. The supplementary resources will come from the Exports Guarantee Fund (FGE), supervised by the Ministry of Economy.

The suitability of PLOA-2022 to the IBGE´s detailed budget, on the Executive´s initiative, coupled with its expected incorporation to the Budget voted by the National Congress, shows the importance of the alignment between the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary aiming at carrying out the Population Census in 2022, benefiting the Brazilian population in its several dimensions. 

The IBGE remains working in the entire country on a number of operational steps to provide the Brazilian society with a Population Census with technical quality and coverage in accordance with the credibility and reputation that the IBGE has built along 85 years.

The Administration
October 15, 2021