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2020 Census postponed until 2021

In compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health concerning the public health emergency due to COVID-19, the IBGE has decided to postpone the carrying out of the Population Census until 2021.

The decision takes into consideration the very nature of the survey, which is predominantly presupposes face-to-face interviews in households, with an estimate of more than 180 thousand census takers and nearly 71 million households all over the national territory. Moreover, the decision takes into account that it would be impossible to train and prepare the team in due time, since the operation’s first stage should start in April 2020 in the headquarters to, later on (July), be spread to the regional and local branches.

In order to have permission to carry out the census operation in 2021, the IBGE has formally redirected to the Ministry of Health the 2020 Census’ funding resources for them to be used in the fight against the coronavirus infection. On the other hand, next year, the Ministry of Health shall return the same amount to the IBGE for the proper carrying out of the Census.

The reference date of the next Population Census will be July 31 of 2021, in line with the previous Brazilian censuses.

The competitive exams set for the hiring of census takers and supervisors are suspended. Those who have already paid their registration fee are eligible to receive their money back according to instructions soon to be published.

IBGE Board of Directors
March 17, 2020