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IBGE will release on June 14 the National Address File for Statistical Purposes - CNEFE, updated in the 2022 Population Census

The IBGE will publish, at 10 am on June 14th, the National Address File for Statistical Purposes - CNEFE updated during the data collection of the 2022 Population Census.

Data from each of the more than 106 million addresses collected in the 2022 Populaiton Census will be published with the complete addressing attributes, in accordance with the pattern used by the IBGE, including street, number and modifier, complement, location, zip code, type of unit visited, type of building, names of establishments, among others.

The data will be made available in a disaggregated manner, with a record for each purpose of address use. This product complements the publication of the geographic coordinates of addresses, carried out by the IBGE on February 2, 2024. Additionally, aggregated registration data will be published for Brazil, Major Regions, Federation Units and also by zip code (CEP). The data can be downloaded or explored through IBGE's data visualization platforms.

Directorate of Surveys
General Coordination of Census Operations
May 13, 2024

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