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On December 22, IBGE will release Population by Color or Race according to the 2022 Population Census

On December 22 at 10 AM, the IBGE will release the results of the 2022 Population Census according to the characteristics of color or race of the population.

The disaggregated information of the population according to color or race is key to understand the diversity, as well as to the study of inter-racial relations. Coupled with data of age and sex, this information allows to assess changes in the demographic profile of the population over time.

The data are available for Brazil, Major Regions, States, Municipalities and other geographic divisions based on Municipalities. The release will include the Legal Amazon as a geographic level as well. These data can be viewed in interactive maps through the Interactive Geographic Platform (PGI).

At that time, the IBGE will update the data of the “Quilombolas: First Results of the Universe” and “Indigenous People: First Results of the Universe” publications, released on July 27 and August 2, 2023, respectively, based on the second compilation of the 2022 Population Census, i.e., incorporating the field revision and other adjustments carried out by the IBGE between May 29 and July 7, 2023.

Directorate of Surveys
Directorate of Geosciences
November 22, 2023


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