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About the release of the 2022 Population Census: Population by age and sex: Results of the Universe, on October 27, 2023

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics considers as elrdely population those persons aged 60 and over and explains that the age of 65, used in the analysis of results for the 2022 Population Census – Population by age and sex – Results of the Universe – Brazil, Major Regions and Federation Units, does not refer to the minimum age of a person to be considered elderly.

The analysis published on October 27, 2023 had as its main objective to analyze the changes in the age structure of the population over time, and the international comparability for some indicators that monitors the transformations in the main population age groups. Therefore, there was no intention to exclude, or reduce, the elderly population in Brazil or to define the parametrization for the age bracket of elderly persons according to  Law no.10,741, of OCTOBER 1st, 2003.

Aware of the relevance of the topic, the IBGE published the complementary text with the age bracket of elderly persons, that is, those aged 60 and over (link:

We also inform that the data with all the information by sex and age of the population (by individual age or age groups), are available for consultation at SIDRA.

Directorate of Surveys
November 3, 2023

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