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IBGE releases final result of the 2022 Population Census Photo Award

The IBGE released, on September 1st, the final result of the 2022 Population Census Photo Award, with a  list of winning photographers on the 2022 Census website and on the IBGE News Agency

The first voting round was from April 5th to May 5th,  2023, when only IBGE servants were allowed to participate. the national round, from June 19 to July 21, was the period when the 164 finalists were available for public voting at the IBGE website. An exhibition was available at the Pituaçu subway station in Salvador (BA), so that passers-by would have the chance to vote there, in the period July 17-21. 

The IBGE takes this opportunity to thank all the about 6,400 enumerators who sent, by means of their Mobile Data Collection Devices (DMCs), more than 17,700 photos of urban landscapes, rural landscapes and housing to take part in the 2022 Population Census Photo Award. 

All the photos will be available for free search and download on the IBGE image database  (

Center for Information Documentation and Dissemination
September 4, 2023

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