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On the 4th of October, the IBGE will release, as Experimental Statistics, the 2021 Statisitics of the Registry of Individual Microentrepreneurs

The IBGE will release, at 10 am on October 4, as Experimental Statistics, the publication Statistics of the Registry of Individual Microentrepreneurs 2021, which presents several indicators organized into four themes: i) registry characteristics of the MEI company; ii) sociodemographic characteristics of the entrepreneur; iii) history and previous experience in the formal labor market; and iv) company dynamism. This study complements other IBGE statistical products that deal with MEI companies, as this data source is exclusively administrative and seeks to cover, if not the entire population, a relevant part of it.

These statistics are classified as experimental and should be used with caution as they are new, being tested and under evaluation.

Directorate of Surveys
August 21, 2023

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