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On August 16, IBGE will release the Methodological Proposal for Classification of Rural, Urban and Nature Spaces in Brazil - Experimental investigations

The methodological proposal for the Classification of Rural, Urban and Nature Spaces in Brazil contributes to advances in the formulation and updating of new classifications and territorial concepts not limited to a dichotomous view of rural and urban. The central idea is to propose categories and sub-categories of the rural and urban spaces, as well as a third category defined as nature spaces. The study is based on the perspective of having geographic divisions more detailed than that of the municipal scale, in order to pinpoint and incorporate elements that comprise the relations between these spaces and their forms of organization. The identification of spatial categories linked to the forms of organization of the space is underpinned in the transformations that occur simultaneously in the urban, rural and nature environments and aims at seizing the new spatialities in the contemporaneity. This release aims at presenting results consolidated since the Classification and characterization of rural and urban spaces in Brazil: a first approach publication (IBGE, 2017) and the seminar Re-discussing rural an urban for the production and analysis of statistical information, held in October 2018, as well as keeping a dialogue with the society and consulting users to improve the information produced by the IBGE. We inform that this product was not scheduled in the calendar released in December 2022.

Directorate of Geosciences
July 14, 2023

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