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On July 27, IBGE will release Brazil Quilombola: How many we are, where we are?

In the event Brazil Quilombola: How many we are, where we are? on July 27 at 10 AM, the IBGE will release the first results of the 2022 Population Census for the quilombola population, showing an unprecedented set of basic information on the total number of quilombolas living in Brazil at different geographic levels and territorial divisions.

Due to the magnitude of the survey, the results will explore this information at the following geographic levels: Major Regions, Federation Units, Municipalities and Quilombola Territories officially delimited.

They will be the first official statistics about the quilombola population in the Brazilian history.

Directorate of Surveys
Directorate of Geosciences
July 10, 2023
(updated on July 13, 2023)

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