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IBGE releases today updated version - June 2023 of IBGE-PPP manual - On-line service to post-process GNSS data

In operation on the IBGE portal since April 2009, IBGE-PPP is a service aiming at post-processing GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) data, in this case GPS and GLONASS, which were collected by one or two-frequency receivers, either in static or kinematic mode, allowing to obtain precise coordinates referenced to SIRGAS2000 (Geocentric Reference System for the Americas) and to the ITRF (International Terrestrial Reference Frame) through a precise processing. It uses the CSRS-PPP (GPS Precise Point Positioning) program, developed by CGS/NRCan (Canadian Geodetic Survey of Natural Resources of Canada), as well as the orbits and errors of the satellite clocks of the International GNSS Service (IGS) to obtain results with precise/combined products ten days after the observation, and ultra-fast CGS/NRCan products 3 hours after the observation.

The new version of the manual was updated with information from the current global referential IGS20, released in November 2022, as well as with other features implemented recently, like:

  • new output text file, only with the values of the results, thus streamlining their incorporation into platforms developed by third parties;
  • guidelines on the use of the service API.

More information can be found on:

Directorate of Geosciences
June 30, 2023


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