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On June 23, the IBGE will release the Evolution of Quality of Life Indicators in Brazil based on the Consumer Expenditure Survey

The IBGE will release, at 10 am on June 23, the volume Evolution of Quality of Life Indicators in Brazil based on the Consumer Expenditure Survey, which presents the evolution of quality of life in Brazil, based on information from the two latest editions of POF. With data from 2008-2009 and 2017-2018, multidimensional indicators are calculated and, together, provide information on quality losses and socioeconomic performance in both periods.

The quality of life loss index (IPQV) measures people's losses based on six dimensions: Housing; Access to public utility services; Health and food; Education; Access to financial services and standard of living, and Transportation and leisure. The analyses related to the evolution of this indicator are presented by geographic cohorts and by other characteristics of the residents. The socioeconomic performance index (IDS) allows assessing how such losses affect the development of society as a whole, considering Brazil and the Federation Units. The analyses are illustrated by means of tables and graphs.

Directorate of Surveys
May 18, 2023


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