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On May 29, IBGE will release the 82nd edition of Brazilian Statistical Yearbook (AEB), related to 2022

The publication will be released at 10 AM. It will provide an overview of Brazil in its territorial, environmental, demographic and socioeconomic aspects through tables, graphs and texts. The information used is produced by the IBGE and other entities that comprise the National System of Statistics - SEN.

This volume of the AEB, the 82nd edition, is commemorative: beyond bringing results of several surveyings carried out by the IBGE, including demographic and social indicators, as well as macroeconomic and economic statistics, both internal and external, it is also a milestone, as it will be the last edition to be printed. The transition of the AEB to a hotsite is underway, thus enhancing its reach. Therefore, this edition brings a special graphic design, celebrating the life of this valuable journal.

The Yearbook also update the information about the characterization of the territory. Each one out of seven subjects of the publication includes a glossary with the concepts investigated in the underlying surveys and studies, as well as standardized references of the sources used as reference. Complementary files will also be available on the Library channel on the IBGE portal, enriching its content even more.

Center for Information Documentation and Dissemination
April 28, 2023


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