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With the end of collection in Yanomami Lands, Census reaches 1,652,876 indigenous persons across the country

The IBGE informs that, to date, the data collection for the Population Census already accounts for 1,652,876 indigenous people throughout the country.

This number is preliminary, and should undergo the statistical treatment stage after data collection, and may grow until the release of the first definitive results in the first week of May.

In the Yanomami Indigenous Land, which comprises part of the states of Roraima and Amazonas, the collection was completed. 16,864 indigenous people were registered in Roraima and 10,280 indigenous people in Amazonas, totaling today 27,144 indigenous people.

This total of 27,144 includes 5,600 indigenous people registered in the remotest areas with the support of Federal Highway Police (PRF) agents and helicopters.

The operation involved the Ministries of Justice and Public Security, Defense, Indigenous Peoples and Health, in addition to the Ministry of Planning and Budget, responsible for coordinating the work. The federal government institutions linked to the ministries (PRF, Sesai, Funai, Armed Forces) also had the support of the government of Roraima.

IBGE Bulletin
April 3, 2023

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