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On April 14, IBGE will release new series of the Monthly Survey of Services - PMS

On April 14 at 9 AM, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics will release the new series of the Brazilian services sector.

With the release of the indicators of January 2023, the IBGE starts a new series of indexes of non-financial services, by updating the sample of enterprises, the year in which the weights of the activities are used in the calculation of the indexes (from 2014 to 2022) and the reference period for which the average indexes are equal to 100.

In addition to the time series usually released, the PMS will count with a greater sectoral detailing of the activities disseminated by the survey, taking into account separate indexes for: housing; food; real estate rental; support services to enterprise activities; cargo road transportation; passenger road transportation; other segments of land transportation; sewage, waste management, material recovery and decontamination; auxiliary financial services; real estate activities and other unspecified services.

The series published until December 2022 were calculated with the reference period of 2014 equal to 100. On the other hand, the series that start in January 2023 begin to be calculated with the reference period of 2022 equal to 100. To make the series comparable, each time series will be linked with each other through a chaining method.

The complete series of the indexes (chained series) have the year of 2022 as the reference period.

The major changes and news of the survey, considering the new sample, data collection, weights and new sampling plan, will be presented in the “Methodological Webinar: updating of the monthly surveys of industry, trade and services”, that the IBGE will conduct for journalists on March 7, 2023 at 10 AM. The event can be followed on the IBGE official YouTube channel.

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