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Clarification Note: Population Census and PLOA-2022

On May 14, 2021, the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil (STF) decided by 10 votes to 1 that "the Executive Power, in direct articulation with the National Congress, should gurantee sufficient budget credits for the conduction of the IBGE Population Census".

In the first half of 2021, the IBGE prepared a budget proposal of R$ 2,292,907,087.00 for carrying out the Populational Census in June 2022.

Pursuant to SEI Official Letter No. 20597/2021/ME (17774134), the Budget Execution Board (JEO) established the monetary reference of R$ 2,000,000,000.00 (two billion reais) in the Annual Budget Law Project 2022 (PLOA- 2022) to carry out the Census in 2022, an amount equivalent to that proposed in the PLOA-2021.

Through Official Letter No. 245/2021/PR/IBGE, the Institute argued that the amount provided for in the PLOA-2022 was lower than the amount requested (below the sufficient amount - term used by the STF).

On August 9, 2021, through a Technical Note prepared by the Census Operational Coordination (COC), the IBGE demonstrated and reaffirmed "the absolute need for the resources required to carry out the Population Census in 2022" (i.e., R$ 2,292 .907.087.00).

On August 24, 2021, Official Letter SEI No. 224074/2021/ME, issued by the Corporate Management Secretariat of the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy, refered back to order 18164691 of the Directorate of Finance and Accounting (DFC) and the General Coordination of Budget (CGORC), reporting to Official Letter 245 mentioned above, arguing that the PLOA was in the consolidation phase, with no possibility of adjustments like the one requested by the IBGE. The order suggested that the IBGE interact with the National Congress to obtain the resources in the 2022 LOA, or even demand additional credit in case the Congress aprroved the budget.

The IBGE agrees with the parameters of the Technical Note prepared by the Census Coordination, on August 9, on "the absolute need for the resources required to carry out the Population Census in 2022" (again, R$ 2,292,907,087.00). Moreover, the aforementioned Official Letters and order give support the legitimacy of the IBGE's interaction with the Legislative Power, in order to make the carrying out of the Population Census possible, in compliance with the technical parameters, pursuant to the STF decision in the sense that the Federal Government "ensures sufficient budget credits to carry out the IBGE Population Census".

When determining the adoption of administrative and legislative measures to carry out the IBGE Population Census in the following fiscal year after the granting of the injunctive relief (2022), the STF established that the Union must adopt all necessary legal measures to make the census survey feasible, including with regard to the estimate of budget credits for the realization of public expenditures.

The PLOA-2022 sent to the National Congress by the Executive Power is necessary in the procedure, but its approved amount is not sufficient to meet the technical parameters determined by the STF for carrying out the Population Census. The IBGE will interact with the National Congress in order to mobilize and make Congress members aware of the public interests related to the Population Census, so that the Union can ensure what was determined by the Supreme Court, that is, the necessary and sufficient conditions for carrying out the Population Census in 2022 (the exact amount of R$ 2,292,907,087.00).

Board of Directors
August 31, 2021

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