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IBGE will release National Survey of School Health 2019 next September 10

The IBGE will release on September 10 at 10 AM the results of the National Survey of School Health - PeNSE carried out in 2019, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and supported by the Ministry of Education.

Now in the 4th edition, PeNSE will provide information obtained directly with students of several aspects of their lives, habits and care, encompassing a number of subjects like: feeding, physical activity, smoking, consumption of alcohol and other drugs, sexual and reproductive health, hygiene habits, oral health, security and violences, among others.

By including information about the reality of Brazilian teenagers and youngsters immediately before the COVID-19 pandemic, the survey serves as a reference to guide public policies to recover and protect the health of that population group and of future generations.

Directorate of Surveys
August 3, 2021

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