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On August 19, IBGE will release the Consumer Expenditure Survey 2017-2018: Profile of Expenditures in Brazil: Selected indicators of feeding, transportation, leisure and financial inclusion

The IBGE will release new results of the Consumer Expenditure Survey - POF 2017-2018 on August 19 at 10 AM. Released in November 2020, the Consumer Expenditure Survey 2017-2018: Profile of  Expenditures in Brazil: Selected Indicators publication approached the expenditure subject coupled with the subjective assessments on the way of living and consuming of the Brazilian households. To do that, nine study dimensions were defined, aiming at implying on life quality of households. That publication introduced and discussed the first five dimensions, as follows: income, housing, access to utility services, health and education.

The coming publication will continue that aim, discussing the four last dimensions: access to financial services, feeding, transportation, and leisure and travel. Like in the first study, the results will show, among other statistics, the monthly average expenditures, either total or with items of interest, analyzed according to some characteristics of households admittedly determinants of life quality.

Directorate of Surveys
July 15, 2021

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