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On August 26, IBGE will release National Survey of Health 2019: Life Cycles

In partnership with the Ministry of Health, the IBGE will release on August 26 at 10 AM the results of the National Survey of Health - PNS 2019, related to the publication titled Life Cycles, which brings extremely important indicators on people in several phases of their lives. One of the themes is related to disabled persons, which will allow to understand the demand of this population for health services, as well as its participation in the labor market.

This volume also has a specific module for health of persons aged 60 years and over, which aims at pinpointing, for this population, the existence of functional or instrumental limitations, the existence of a support network, the participation in social activities, medication and vaccination, among other aspects.

The women´s health module is another important theme of this publication, since it is essential to know the health demands of women and, thus, target resources and public policies more efficiently. Several aspects of women´s life were surveyed like: prenatal, delivery, preventive examinations, menstruation, family planning, contraception, etc.

The publication also brings results on health and nutrition specifically for children under 2 years of age. It includes questions on feeding, preventive examinations carried out after birth and vaccination.

Lastly, aiming at knowing indicators on male paternity in Brazil and at contextualizing the importance of the conscious and active involvement of men in all the actions of reproductive planning, the PNS 2019 includes the paternity and prenatal of partners module.

Directorate of Surveys
July 9, 2021


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