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On May 7, the IBGE will release the 2019 National Survey of Health: Accidents, violence, communicable deseases, sexual activities, work characteristics and social support

The IBGE, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, will release, at 10 am on May 7, another thematic volume of the National Survey of Health - PNS 2019. The themes of this volume are of great relevance to the National Health System and its results make it possible to implement more specific public policies, as well as to monitor those that already exist.

Accidents and Violence are important public health issues, since they result in victims needing assistance, and traffic accidents are one of the main causes of death in the world. Communicable diseases and Sexual activity are the new themes in the study, collected for the first time in the PNS in 2019. In this volume, you will also find results on Work characteristics and situations that can directly and indirectly exert an impact on people's health, such as commuting to work and work shift. Finally, the theme Social support is approached through results on some aspects of the resident's life with family and friends, in order to identify the size of the family support network.

Directorate of Surveys
March 23, 2021

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