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Files of RBMC and RMPG Geodetic Networks made available in January

The IBGE is responsible for the management of the Brazilian Geodetic System (SGB), according to Decree-Law No. 243 of 1967. The SGB is divided into three networks: gravimetric, altimetric and planialtimetric. Complementing the national geodetic architecture, the IBGE keeps two active networks that provide improvement, expansion of use and refinement of the SGB, namely:

  • Brazilian Network for Continuous Monitoring of the GNSS-RBMC Systems - composed of a set of geodetic stations, equipped with high performance GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) receivers, which provide, once a day or in real time, observations for the determination of coordinates (latitude, longitude and ellipsoidal altitude precision (centimeters or better), being the most used geodetic structure by professionals, including surveyors and engineers who need those data and information to carry out the georeferencing work, to support infrastructure works. Currently, RBMC has 150 stations, equipped with GNSS receivers, which track signals transmitted by the satellites of the American navigation system (GPS) and also by the Russian (GLONASS), European (Galileo) and Chinese (Beidou) systems.
  • Geodetic Permanent Tide Gauge Network (RMPG) - composed of a set of tide gauge stations that monitor sea level variations, in order to monitor the relationship between the Brazilian Vertical Datum (defined in Imbituba, in Santa Catarina, and Santana, in Amapá) and other tide gauge reference levels, as well as subsidize studies on the modernization of Brazilian heights and sea level variation. The RMPG has a total of 6 active tide gauge stations (EM) located in the cities of Imbituba/SC, Arraial do Cabo/RJ, Salvador/BA, Fortaleza/CE, Belém/PA and Santana/AP and each station equipped with two water level sensors

In January 2021, for instance, the IBGE website made available a set of 3909 new RBMC files and 155 new RMPG files.

Information on new stations, deactivated stations, updated stations and the operational status of stations can be found at:

Updated information on the operational status is published daily on RBMC's Twitter

All RMPG stations are operational with the exception of the Fortaleza station.

Directorate of Geosciences
February 23, 2021

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