Register updating of the quarterly agricultural surveys by phone - SIMCAD AGRO


The IBGE will release the Registration Maintenance System of the Agricultural Surveys - SIMCAD AGRO in January 2021. It will comprise the Quarterly Survey of Animal Slaughter, Quarterly Survey of Milk, Quarterly Survey of Leather and Hen Egg Production.

SIMCAD is a Computer Assisted Telephone Interview - CATI system aiming at updating the register data of the enterprises that answer the IBGE agricultural surveys. The major variables investigated are: legal name, fantasy name, address, person in charge to answer the IBGE, information on the activity and establishment capacity. Aiming at amending filling errors or updating information, this activity is performed on a continual basis.

The availability of reliable and up-to-date statistics essentially depends on the information provided. Therefore, we count on your indispensable collaboration. 

We reinforce our commitment to keep the confidentiality of the information provided, which will be used exclusively for statistical purposes. Besides our institution being committed to secrecy, it is important to clarify the existence of Law no. 5,534, of November 14, 1968, which prevents the use of information provided to the IBGE for either fiscal or legal purposes. At the same time, the provision of such information is mandatory, according to the legislation. 

If you have any question, please access https://respondendo.ibge.gov.br/voce-foi-procurado-pelo-ibge/pesquisas/pesquisas-por-empresas-estabelecimentos-e-entidades/simcad-agro. Any additional information about SIMCAD AGRO can be obtained on phone 0800 721 81 81 or email simcadagro@ibge.gov.br.  The identification of the survey agents can be checked on respondendo.ibge.gov.br.

We thank you in advance for your valuable contribution in updating this important database, key to build the statistics on the agricultural sector in Brazil. 

Directorate of Surveys
January 5, 2021


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