Technical Note - System of Quarterly National Accounts


Due to the singular impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic on the economies all over the world, the statistical community has discussed and proposed specific responses1 to face this moment, according to each country's reality and its availability of primary data. It should be noted that specific treatment does not imply methodological change.

In the Quarterly National Accounts relative to the second quarter of 2020, affected by the COVID 19 especially with the restriction of mobility and operation of certain activities, the following responses listed below were provided. It is worth highlighting the basic presupposition, internationally recommended, by which one hour worked from home equals one hour worked at firms.

The responses were:
Public administration (except for health and education): services shut down temporarily in institutions focused on receiving visitors with no online alternative, as museums and parks. This response is at the scope of the Federal Administration.
Public education: daycare services became unavailable for very small children. For high-degree education services, data from the Ministry of Education (MEC) on the amount the students served were used.
Private education: daycare services became unavailable for very small children.
Labor market: Comparison between labor market results obtained from the Continuous National Household Sample Survey - PNADC and the PNAD-COVID19 showed very similar trends, so that PNADC remained being used as a primary source. Results will go on being monitored for the next quarter.

Finally, it is important to stress that all the other aspects that went unmentioned above were kept the same as before, including the seasonal adjustment procedure.

1 See the texts on the following links:

Directorate of Surveys
September 1st 2020

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