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Notice on MP 954/2020: Decision of STF

The IBGE acknowledged the decision of Minister Rosa Weber, from the Federal Supreme Court, which granted a writ of prevention suspending the effectiveness of Provisional Measure 954 on the access to telephone lists for statistical surveys in order to fight against Covid-19, as well as informed that it will immediately comply with that decision.

The IBGE reinforces its commitment with the statistical production in Brazil and as such will commit itself to fulfill its mission and responsibilities under the law, in order to improve its efforts to allow the country to search for and know data and figures that can help Brazilians during the pandemic, which demands an increasingly amount of information and knowledge for the sanitary authorities within and outside the country and in the benefit of the health and life of the population.

The IBGE continues to believe that its statistical surveys, mainly technical and reliable, are a key element to fight against this powerful and invisible enemy, for which Brazil requires data, figures and answers. The IBGE reinforces its historical and firm commitment with the confidentiality of the information entrusted to it during 83 years.

Coordination of Social Communication
April 25, 2020

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