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IBGE will release, on May 07, the Environmental-Economic Accounting for Water: Brazil - 2013 - 2017

The Economic-Enironmental Accounting for Water (CEAA) comprises a set of standardized tables that express the interactions between the economy and the environment, describing the balance between the availability of water resources and the water demands of the economic sectors for the production processes and human use, on a national scale and in large regions. These tables comprise the following: Inventory Tables that show the flows of water entering and leaving the environment, which affect the existing volumes of surface water, groundwater or water in the soil between the beginning and the end of a year; Physical Input-Output Tables, which portray water flows, from the environment to the economy, among economic activities, and from the economy to the environment; and the Hybrid Input-Output Tables, which relate the physical flows to the monetary values ​​of production, consumption and costs associated with Water Supply and Sewage Services activities.

Directorate of Surveys
April 6, 2020

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