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IBGE releases 2018 Complete Life Tables for Brazil

In compliance with the provisions of Article 2 of Decree No. 3,266 of November 29, 1999, the IBGE shall release annually, until December the first of each year, the Complete Life Tables for the total Brazilian population, relative to the previous year. These pieces of information support the calculation of the social security factor, for the retirement of persons under the RGPS – Social Security General Regime.

The current Table is a product of the mortality level projection from the Life Tables developed for 2020, in which population data from the 2010 Population Census, infant mortality estimates based on the same enumeration and information of notifications and official death records by sex and age were added. It is a necessary update procedure, when working with prospective demographic indicators/models. Moreover, this activity also generates updated parameters of Brazilian mortality rates which were incorporated to the Population Projection by Sex and Age for the 2010-2060 period (2018).

On the same release day in the Official Gazette (D.O.U), November 28, 2019, the life tables for the Brazilian population 2018 will be available on the IBGE website (, with a brief analysis of the results.


Directorate of Surveys
November 21, 2019

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