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IBGE releases, on November 13, Social Inequalities due to Color or Race

The fact sheet shows an analyses focused on the social inequalities due to color or race, which will be based on a framework of essential themes to represent the life conditions of the Brazilian Population, as labor, income distribution, housing and education. Likewise, violence and political representation indicators will be analysed as well.  The analysis will be focused on the inequalities between the white and black/brown population, as most of the information comes from the National Continuous Household Sample Survey (Continuous PNAD) and there are statistical restrictions regarding the low representation of Indigenous and yellow population. Altogether, three groups represented around 99% of Brazilian Population in 2018: 43.1% of white persons; 9.3% of blacks; and 46.5% of browns.


Directorate of Surveys
October 11, 2019

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