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Public Notice - Enumeration Routes in the 2017 Census of Agriculture

In order to proceed with the release of information on the 2017 Census of Agriculture, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics – IBGE,  in accordance with its work plan, will make public information relative to enumeration routes covered during that operation, and which will be made available as a new product to be launched this semester.

Those routes refer to the distance walked by enumerators from the starting limit of their census tract up to the agricultural establishment, including streets, roads, rural areas, private areas, and so on. The routes have been listed from field coordinates collected by GPS devices and went through later treatment in an office, with the production of digital files formed by vector lines as a final step to that process.  

We invite institutions and companies, mainly the ones that now work on the geolocation field, to support the IBGE in the release of that product. A meeting on the proposal will be held on Feb 20, 2019, at 2 pm.

The main objective of the meeting is to present the product to institutions and companies, and there may be, in this case, some prior access for the incorporation to databases and websites of possible partners. More information on the form of cooperation will be provided in the meeting.

The contact email is:

Place of the meeting: IBGE - Centro de Documentação e Disseminação de Informações
Rua General Canabarro, 706 - Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro – RJ


Taken from the Official Gazette on February 01, 2019, section 3, page 53

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