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IBGE makes available version 2.3 of subclasses of the National Classification of Economic Activities

IBGE makes available on the online search system "CNAE Search", version 2.3 of the National Classification of Economic Activities - Subclasses for use of public administration (CNAE Subclasses 2.3).

The CNAE is an essential instrument to organize information systems of economic agents. It is intended to standardize the way different bodies in the country classify economic units according to their activities. 

New version now has 1,332 subclasses

CNAE-Subclasses is a classification derived from the CNAE hierarchy in five levels – sections, divisions, groups, classes and subclasses. It is the same as that of CNAE up to the fourth digit (class). The fifth level, of subclasses, corresponds to the level of detail used for the economic identification of production units in lists and registries of public administration, in the three spheres of government

The definition of subclasses considers the necessities of public administration in a more specific identification of economic activity. 

In the previous version (2.2), in effect since 2015, CNAE Subclasses had 21 sections, 87 divisions, 285 group, 673 classes and 1,329 subclasses. The current structure of the 2.3 version, approved and released by the CONCLA Resolution no. 2, of November 2018, and changes only level 5 of the classification, keeping the same number of sections, divisions, groups and classes, now having 1,332 subclasses. A total 9 (nine) subclasses, since 6 (six) were excluded and 1 (one) had its name changed. CNAE Subclasses 2.3 went into effect on January 01, 2019.

The online search system "CNAE Search" is available at:


Directorate of Surveys
January 7, 2019

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