IBGE releases complete time series of Forestry Activities – PEVS


As of today, the IBGE makes available the time series of the Forestry Activities - PEVS between 1986 and 1989 in the IBGE System of Automatic Recovery - SIDRA. As a result, all the time series of the survey, started in 1986, is available to the external public, who can check the amount and value of production of the products obtained from the exploitation of natural resources (forestry), as well as from planted forest massifs (silviculture), by means of a set of data that represent the aggregate production at Brazil, Major Region, Federation Unit, Mesoregion, Microregion and Municipality levels. Information on the number of felled trees, production of logwood and pine knot from native Brazilian pine is also presented.

It is important to follow the notes below in order to correctly interpret the time series:

  1. The municipalities with no information for at least one product from forestry do not appear on the lists.
  2. Thickly ground yerba mate was surveyed up to 2001. From 2002 onwards, yerba mate green leaf began to be surveyed.
  3. As silviculture remained growing in 2014, the survey once again investigated the existing planted area on December 31 and the harvested area in the year of reference of the survey for the main species, as well as the registration per species – eucalyptus, pine and others – of the amount of wood products obtained in the year of reference of the survey.


Directorate of Surveys
September 28, 2017

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