On December 1, IBGE will release complete table of mortality of Brazil for 2016


In compliance with Article 2 of Decree no. 3,266, of November 29, 1999, the IBGE releases up to the first day of December every year, on an annual basis, the Complete Mortality Table for the entire Brazilian population related to the previous year. This information subsidizes the computation of the welfare factor for the purpose of the retirements of persons under the General Regime of Social Security.

The current Table comes from a projection of the mortality levels of the Mortality Table built for 2010, on which population data of the 2010 Population Census, estimates of infant mortality based on the same census and information on official registers and notifications of deaths by sex and age were incorporated. In fact, it is a procedure for updating, when it comes to indicators and/or prospective demographic models. In addition, this activity aims at generating up-to-date parameters of mortality in Brazil, which were incorporated into the Population Projection by Sex and Age for the 2000-2060 Period (2013).

The Mortality Table of the Brazilian population for 2016 will be available on the IBGE portal (www.ibge.gov.br) on the same day it is published in the Official Gazette (December 1, 2017).


Directorate of Surveys
November 8, 2017

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