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IBGE makes available monthly time series of Systematic Survey of Agricultural Production - LSPA

As of today, the IBGE makes available the monthly time series of the Systematic Survey of Agricultural Production - LSPA since September 2006 in the IBGE System of Automatic Recovery - SIDRA. Only the data from December in the previous year and from the last month published were available up to now. Therefore, data that could only be accessed in PDF format in the download area are now part of SIDRA, making the information more accessible to the external public, who can now check the planted area, harvested area, amount produced and average yield of crops in different Brazilian states where they are farmed. The survey informs on harvest estimates, which can be reviewed on a monthly basis. This information is related to what will be harvested in the full calendar year, rather than to what was harvested within each month.

It is important to pay attention to the notes below in order to correctly understand the time series:

  • 1- For those Federation Units that still do not have the initial estimates due to the agricultural calendar, the data correspond to a projection using information from the previous years.
  • 2- The output of pineapples and coconut are expressed in thousand fruits and their average yields, in fruits/ha.
  • 3- Values for the "Total" category are not available for variables "Amount produced" and "Average yield", since the measurement units differ for certain products.
  • 4- The output of cotton seed is computed by multiplying the output of cotton seed – comprising seed and feather – by 0.61, considering that the seed represents, on average, 61% of the weight of the cotton seed.
  • 5- Possible differences between sums of parcels and their respective totals are due to the rounding criterium.
  • 6- The monthly information that comprise the time series are available from September 2006 onwards.
  • 7- As of January 2012, the IBGE began to publish the two species of coffee economically cropped in Brazil, arabica and canephora, apart.
  • 8- As of January 2018, the following products are not published anymore: pineapples, garlic, onions, coconut, guarana, apples, mallow, black pepper and sisal/agave. They are still followed up in the annual Municipal Agricultural Production.

Directorate of Surveys
March 1, 2018


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