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IBGE will put out, on March 16, Environmental-Economic Accountings for Water - Brazil - 2013-2015 (2)

The IBGE will release, at 10 am on March 16, the Environmental-Economic Accountings for Water - Brazil - 2013-2015, with the objective of producing and disseminating information regarding the balance between the availability, quantitative and qualitative, and the water demand of the sectors of the economy on a national scale.

The study results from the effort to increase knowledge about water availability and demand in the country, associated with economic activities, carried out by the Inter-Ministerial Group of Water Accounts in Brazil, bringing together technicians from the National Water Agency (ANA), the IBGE and the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), with the support of the German Cooperation for Sustainable Development.

The Accounts are in line with the international methodology - System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for Water (SEEA-Water) - developed by the United Nations Statistics Division.


Directorate of Surveys
February 8, 2018

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