Municipal Toponymic Changes

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Municipalities that have gone through some type of name or spelling change.

Name change
Municipalities that have had changes in the words that name them. Example: São Miguel dos Touros - São Miguel do Gostoso

Spelling change
Municipalities that had adjustments or corrections in the way their names were spelt, kepping, however, the same meaning. Example: Parati - Paraty

Rules for changing names and spellings of municipalities in the IBGE database:
The procedures established by the IBGE regarding the spelling or naming of the municipalities are:

  • Only the state, through a state law, can change the name of municipalities.
  • Only in the case of a state law delegating this competence to municipalities does the IBGE accept municipal legislation to change the name or the spelling of municipalities.

In this sense, the IBGE keeps the name of the municipality in its registries, as established in the state or municipal legislation. If there is no change based on the aforementioned rules, the municipality keeps the same name and spelling as the state law that named it determines.