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Recommendations for Static Relative Surveyings – GPS


As the manager of the Brazilian Geodetic System - SGB, the IBGE is in charge of developing rules and specifications for geodetic surveyings, among other assignments. The modernization of the Global Positioning System - GPS and creation of new positioning systems through satellites led to the revision of the Recommendations for Static Relative Surveyings - GPS, replacing the former Specifications and Rules for GPS Surveyings, created in 1992. Another important factor was the expertise acquired after several years implementing and maintaining the SGB, coupled with the dynamism of the geodetic science, which led to the revision of the document published in 1992.

In the scope of the evolution of the geodetic science, the adoption of the Geocentric Reference System for the Americas - SIRGAS2000 as the new official referential for Brazil in 2000 should be cited as well, thus redesigning the procedures for positioning and geo-referencing in general. This document aims at guiding GPS users, providing the basic elements of geodetic positioning through the technique of static relative positioning. Nevertheless, this document does not aim at describing in details GPS characteristics and applications. More information can be found in: WELLS et al., 1986; PARKINSON and SPILKER, 1996a; PARKINSON and SPILKER, 1996b; HOFMANN-WELLENHOF et al., 1997; MONICO, 2000a; SEEBER, 2003; LEICK, 2004.