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Ten Years Monitoring Sea Level at IBGE

About the publication - Ten Years Monitoring Sea Level at IBGE

Among the reasons to establish the Geodetic Permanent Tide Gauge Network - RMPG, one of the highlights is the need to correlate a number of vertical reference systems existing along the Brazilian shoreline with the Imbituba Datum. The current situation of the RMPG is analyzed, as well as the preliminary results of the three tide gauge stations already in place - Imbituba, Macaé and Salvador. Such results include a possible difference of 20 cm between the old and current average levels in Imbituba, as well as the outstanding stability of the average level in Salvador - in opposition to the cases of Imbituba and Macaé -, regardless of the initial stage of such observations. The next steps of the RMPG operations are as follows: implementation of the Fortaleza and Santana tide gauge stations; conclusion of the conversion of the observations from auxiliary tide gauge stations of each station and its correlation with digital observations from primary tide gauge stations; implementation of permanent GPS receivers.