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Geographic Reference Framework for the Production, Analysis and Dissemination of Statistics


The Geographic Reference Framework for the Production, Analysis and Dissemination of Statistics aligns the IBGE with new proposals of releasing official statistics that are being currently adopted in some countries in order to publish comparable and spatially integrated information.

The first group, Legal divisions published by the IBGE, comprises administrative areas established by the legislation or normative rules for which the IBGE is committed to release statistical information. The delimitation is not made by the IBGE and, as a result, these divisions are updated only when the changes area formalized either by their producers or by new legal or administrative instruments. The second group, IBGE´s Institutional divisions, comprises areas established by the IBGE specifically for the production, dissemination and analysis of official statistics. These areas are designed to meet the requirements of data collection and operation of the censuses and other surveys, as well as the geographic studies key to those statistics, in order to produce a number of relevant divisions for the public planning and management, as well as inputs to the investments of the private sector.

This publication is the beginning of an ambitious institutional project aiming at integrating the existing systems and standardizing the incorporation of new territorial divisions currently present in Brazil, strengthening, thus, the integration between Statistics and Geography, aiming at making available comparable and spatially integrated data.