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Reference Point


It aims at informing the Brazilian society on subjects related to SIRGAS2000, the new geodetic system of reference officially adopted in Brazil on February 25, 2005. The adoption of SIRGAS2000 is the result of activities developed under the Change of Geodetic Referential Project - PMRG, created in October 2000 in the 1st Seminary on Geocentric Referential in Brazil, attended by representatives of a number of Brazilian institutions. Since the end of 2004, the development of the PMRG is supported by Canada´s University of New Brunswick - UNB, based on a four-year cooperation agreement under the auspices of the Canadian International Development Agency - CIDA and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency - ABC, under the National Geospatial Framework Project - PIGN. One of the main targets of the PIGN is the communication with users and this magazine is the result of such efforts.

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