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Cartographic Notions – For Geographic Operational Base | Cartographic Notions – For Geographic Operational Base – Module I, II and III


The Data Collection Network needs basic knowledge of cartography for the interpretation of cartographic documents and ambulation operations.

Usually, the lack of theoretical knowledge makes difficult to produce and update plants, charts and maps.

This manual is presented in three modules aiming at providing mandatory notions to the understanding of cartographic documents.

It is vital to understand your responsibility in absorbing the contents of this course, as you will be in charge of the correct orientation of the census agents in their surveys for the 1985 Census, thus mitigating the errors that jeopardize the census results.

The precise cartographic delimitation is key to the quality of the data collection and, hence, to the compatibility of IBGE surveys and registries (either cartographic or magnetic).

The self-instruction method has been adopted, streamlining the individual study, in which the student establishes the pace of the study and assesses learning.