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Ecological-Economic Zoning


The Ecological-Economic Zoning (EEZ) is an instrument of the National Environmental Policy, established by Federal Decree no. 4,297/2002, with the objective of promoting sustainable development based on the combination of socioeconomic development with environmental protection.

As a member institution of the EEZ Brazil Consortium, the IBGE has contributed, by means of several publications, to the dissemination of knowledge about the socioeconomic changes occurred in selected regions of the country, thus fulfilling its mission of portraying the territorial areas that form our Federation.

These publications present results for the studies conducted, in partnership with the Ministry of the Environment, aiming at the improvement of the survey methodology for Ecological Economic Zoning.

About the publication - Macro EEZ São Francisco

It is a great pleasure for the IBGE to present the Project Macro Economic Ecological Zoning of the São Francisco River Basin, managed by the Ministry of Environment’s Secretariat of Extractivism and Rural Sustainable Development, and to provide, by means of thematic maps and analyses, a panorama of this region.

Among other issues in the current political agenda of Brazil, the spatial changes observed in the river basin of São Francisco River are connected with both the topics related to environmental diversity and to the use of water resources, and those that refer to the access to citizenship by segments of society that are still apart from basic survival conditions.

Thus, with the release of “Structuring Vectors of the São Francisco River Basin - 2009”, the IBGE has overcome the big challenges of exploring the São Francisco River Basin and proposing a development model that can help improve quality of living of the surrounding population by means of the sustainable use of natural resources.

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