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Statistical Municipal Maps of the Population Estimates


They are the Maps of the Municipalities that had any change in their borders and that supported the Population Estimates. Such redefinition did not occur in all the Brazilian municipalities, that is why maps were not produced for all of them.

The Statistical Municipal Maps of the Population Estimates represent the intra-municipal Political-Administrative Division (districts and sub-districts), inter-municipal and interstate borders, borders of the enumeration areas, planimetric and altimetric elements and hydrography. The maps of the enumeration areas involve the description of their borders, which also contains information on the territorial structures that the enumeration area belongs to.

The population estimates annually produced by the IBGE take into account the up-to-date condition of the Brazilian Political-Administrative Division - DPA. The dynamics of the DPA reflects the changes occurred in the territorial borders of the municipalities, under the scope of the covenants that the IBGE maintains with state offices. The territorial changes occurred since the release of the results of the 2010 Population Census that impacted on the population estimates were due to one of the following factors:

  • New legislation changing the descriptions of the municipal borders
  • Cartographic adjustments officially informed to the IBGE by state offices
  • Installation of new municipalities
  • Legal decisions or decision of the IBGE´s Federal Prosecutor´s Office

Unlike the previous factors, it is not the border that is changed in this factor, but rather the population of a given locality is counted in another municipality.