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RBMC-IP - Brazilian Network for Continuous Monitoring of the GNSS Systems in real time


It is a positioning service in real time from RBMC stations for users who use the RTK (kinematic relative in real time) or DGPS (differential GPS) technique in their surveyings.

About the publication - Precise point positioning in real time

The IBGE´s Coordination of Geodesy released a new service called "Precise Point Positioning in real time" or simply "PPP in real time" through the NTRIP "caster" server. The IGS Project in real time developed a new way to access the orbits and errors of the precise clocks, through corrections inserted in the messages transmitted in real time.

In order to carry out a PPP in real time, users should have a receiver to send the data to a PC in the RTCM 3.0 format, as well as access the correction flows, orbit and clock made available through the IBGE "caster" server. The correction flows are used to carry out the processing coupled with the GNSS data flow that is being received in the client BNC application (BKG NTRIP Client) in the PC. The BNC application is available on (

The correction and orbit flows receive the following identifications in the IBGE "caster" server:

Identification or Mountpoint Reference System GNSS Description
IGS03 ITRF2008 GPS+GLONASS Orbit and clock corrections
SIRGAS200001 SIRGAS2000 GPS Orbit and clock corrections
SIRGAS200002 SIRGAS2000 GPS+GLONASS Orbit and clock corrections
RTCM3EPH Assisted GPS GPS+GLONASS Transmitted orbits

Users registered in the RBMC-IP service have automatic access to the flows previously described. SIRGAS00001 – only for GPS receivers –, SIRGAS0002 – for GNSS receivers – or RTCM3EPH flows should be selected for a SIRGAS solution. Those flows are received by the client BNC application through the IP port 2101.

It is recommended that users do not use a corporate network protected by a firewall or that needs a proxy to access the Internet, otherwise the service may not work.

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