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Map of the Brazilian Geodetic System Network | 2020


It is a wall map with a cartographic representation that provides information about the planialtimetric, altimetric and gravimetric networks, as well as the active networks: Geodetic Permanent Tide Gauge Network and Brazilian Network for Continuous Monitoring of GNSS Systems (RBMC). It provides an overview of the distribution of the geodetic stations that make up these networks in the Brazilian territory, and presents, individually, each type of network, on three maps scaled as 1:22 000 000. Given the high number of geodetic stations in the State of Rio de Janeiro, in the Federal District and in the regions of Florianópolis-SC and Recife-PE, their maps are highlighted in specific scales.

About the publication - 2020

This map was made based on information referring to the October 2020 version of the Geodetic Database (BDG) and to the 2016 version of the Continuous Cartographic Base of Brazil to the Millionth (BCIM). This is the 1st edition of the map which, after being edited, was organized according to element priorities and generated the file, in pdf format.

More on the product - 2020

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News and Releases

IBGE updates map of the Brazilian Geodetic System Networks

The IBGE has updated today (15) the Map of the Brazilian Geodetic System Networks Redes (SGB) 2021, at...


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