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IBGE Ecological Reserve


The Ecological Reserve of the IBGE - RECOR is a protected area of scientific interest managed by the IBGE. Established on December 22 of 1975, with a Program of Short- and Long-Term Ecological Research for the Cerrado Biome and Management Plan, both innovative initiatives for the time, the Ecologic reserve of the IBGE became a reference in the production of environmental information aiming at giving support to sustainable territorial planning for the Cerrado Biome. Since 1998, it has been part of the elite group of long-term ecologic research stations which comprise the national and continental networks related to ILTER (International Long-Term Research Network).

Amounting to 1,391.25ha and located in the center-south of the Federal District, 26 km away from Brasília's administrative center, the Reserve composes the mosaic of protected areas of the Federal District (Protected area of Gama Cabeça de Veado - District Decree no 9,471, of April 21 of 1986; Protected area of the Central Plateau (Presidential Decree, of January 10 of 2002); Biosphere Reserve of the Cerrado - “O Homem e a Biosfera(Men and Biosphere)” Program – MAB, UNESCO, 1971 – District law no 742, of July 28 of 1994).The area houses heterogeneous ecosystems and offers protection to more than 4,000 species already registered (with a highlight to the 55 species threatened with extinction and nearly 91 endemic species of the Cerrado Biome).

After four decades of existence, the Ecological Reserve of the IBGE - RECOR - holds an important and representative database and significant scientific information on the Cerrado, obtained by means of ecological studies through sampling or experimentation, standardized inventories of fauna and flora and integrated environmental studies under the perspective of vulnerability and ecological risk. It offers researchers labs, lodging, restaurants, among other facilities, and makes basic data and information available on the area through scientific collections, climatologic station and georeferenced database (SIG RECOR). Such knowledge production stems from the work of IBGE servants and partner institutions, either national or international.


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