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Digital Atlas of Brazil 1 x 1 | 2010


The Digital Atlas of Brazil 1 x 1 presents a detailed view of the main variables collected by the Population Census, with maps depicting the country's heterogeneity through a Statistical Grid. The Statistical Grid divides the Brazilian territory into more than 2.5 million cells of 200 x 200 m in urban areas and 1 x 1 km in rural areas allowing access to information about population (total and by sex) and number of households for various spatial divisions, apart from political-administrative units. In addition to the characteristics of people (gender, age, color/race, literacy, birth registration) and households (typology, property ownership, sanitation, electricity, average per capita income, household responsibility), the Atlas also presents data on the characteristics of the household surroundings, with information on the existence or absence of address identification, public lighting, sidewalk, curb, paving, manhole, wheelchair ramp, afforestation, open sewage and garbage.