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Geographic Atlas of Brazil's Coastal and Oceanic Zones | 2011


The Geographic Atlas of Brazil's Coastal and Oceanic Zones is aimed at the dissemination, among students and the public in general, of information and updated knowledge about the Brazilian coast, in terms of historical, demographic, economic, social, cultural and natural aspects. The publication was conceived by the Inter-ministry Commission for Sea Resources (CIRM) and developed in partnership with the IBGE. The objective is to stimulate society to think about, get to know and value the rational use of biodiversity and of mineral and energetic resources in ocean waters, marine soil and underground, which constitute a fundamental part  of socioeconomic development and environmental sustainability in the country. The Atlas also presents the evolution of distribution of the population over the territory and the occupation patterns of the coast,  as it deals with socioeconomic topics and their relationship with coastal environments: population, tourism, water quality, fishing resources, port infrastructure, oil logistics and preservation and environmental protection areas.