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Atlas of the Population Census


The Atlas of the Demographic Census deals with fundamental issues of the Brazilian population and territory, being structured o approach, in an encompassing and interconnected way, the several dimensions that form the dynamics and the demographic profile of the Brazilian population, with a focus on local and regional differences. The geographic interpretation of information in the Population Census of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics – IBGE – constitutes a renewed challenge in the sense of showing not only the evolution of the demographic profile of the Brazilian population, but of the overall process of distribution of that population over the national territory as well, which means interpreting the always changing forms of settlement in the country and its regions. In this respect, the commitment with the decennial description of the Brazilian population geography leads us to a reflection about the general processes that influence the movement of urbanization of Brazil, as well as the generation of socio-spatial inequalities generated throughout this movement and that affect the resident populations of the city and the countryside.