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My 1st Atlas


My 1st Atlas aims at teaching young readers the concepts, elements and methods related with map designing, in order to help them understand the cartographic representations and find out that, besides a world of information, an atlas can also be lots of fun. The Atlas is mainly targeted to children in their school age, attending the first classes in Elementary School. The reading and comprehension are perfectly approachable to children aged 7 and over, but its use can be optimized with teachers’ instruction.  With this Atlas, the IBGE provides the initial connection between children Cartography,  allowing them to enhance, little by little,  their comprehension of the reality around, contributing for the development of future citizens.

According the Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais (PCN – National Curricular Standards), cartographic education should develop a series of abilities focused on map localization and representation, such as: reading, legend creation and organization, and others. In this Atlas, the chosen strategy for the development of these abilities was to work with mental maps, which is a set of living environments recorded through memories. With this work, it becomes possible to approach to the student’s reality even closer, a reality that should be, according to many authors, the basis of teaching process in the first Geography and History classes.