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Watch live: release of the 2022 Population Census - Literacy: Population Results

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The IBGE will broadcast, this Friday (the 17th) at 10 a.m., the release of results of the 2022 Population Census - Literacy: Population Results. The event, which will be held at the Unidos de Vila Maria Samba School, in Jardim Japão, São Paulo (SP), will also be streamed on the Institute's official social media channels (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok).

The release includes data on literacy rates and illiteracy rates for the population aged 15 and over. This data will be available for Brazil, Major Regions, states and Municipalities. e Information will also be disaggregated according to color or race, indigenous peoples, gender and age groups.

This will be the tenth national release of the 2022 Census, and the data will be presented by the IBGE analyst Betina Fresneda. Also present at the event will be the technical coordinator of the 2022 Census, Gustavo Junger, and representatives from the Institute's management team. These data provide an initial overview of education in the country.

In addition to the release, the event will also feature a technical workshop entitled "A territory of information: Potentialities of the 2022 Census Data", from 2 PM. to 6 PM. The workshop will be conducted by the IBGE analysts Giulia Scappini, Bruno Mandelli Perez, Patrícia do Amorim Vida Costa, and Therence de Sarti, who will present the technical and operational aspects of the research, access tools, and potentialities uses of the data for decision-making by local managers. Registration is available on the IBGE Virtual Shop.

See below the complete schedule of the event: 2022 Population Census - Literacy: Population Results

Date: May 17, Friday
Horário: 10h
Venue: Unidos de Vila Maria samba school.
R. Cabo João Monteiro da Rocha, 448, Jardim Japão, São Paulo (SP)